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Awesome Benefits of Kachi Ghani Almond Oil

Lowers Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Keeps Skin Moisturized

Decreases Risk of Diabetes

Treats Hair Fall

Boosts Memory Power

Strengthens Nervous System

Best Baby Massage Oil

Treats Inflammation

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Kachi Ghani is happy to introduce you most healthy and nourishing Cold Pressed Almond Oil (Badam Oil). This is 100% Pure and Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

Almonds are the edible seeds of the Prunus dulcis tree, which is botanical name of the almond tree. Although almonds are the seeds of the almond fruit, which closely resembles a peach. They are very rich in fat, making them a perfect source of oil.

Sweet almonds are the variety typically eaten and used to make foods, oils and cosmetics. Almond oil is most nourishing and most healthy oil for human body which has variety of health benefits.


Refined v/s Unrefined Almond Oils-

Refined almond oil involves very high-heat processing and harmful chemicals on almond seeds, as a result we get damaged almond oil.

Secondly, this method negatively affects the nutritional value of the oil. As high heating and chemical treatments destroys many of the nutrients found in raw almond oil.

While this method results in a less nutritious oil, refined almond oil can withstand much higher temperatures and is less expensive than the unrefined type, making it a more cost-effective option for consumers.

Kachi Ghani has prepared almond oil by cold pressing raw almonds without the use of high heat or chemical agents.

Cold process method helps almond oil retain much of its nutrient content so making unrefined almond oil a better choice for culinary uses.

Looking for a baby massage oil? You are at right place. Pamper and nourish your little one with Kachi Ghani’s cold pressed Almond oil. This oil really helps to maintain skin tone and moisturize baby’s skin.

Start using Kachi Ghani’s 100% pure, most healthy and rejuvenating Almond Oil to get the most out of it.


Purity Certificate of Kachi Ghani’s Almond Oil –

Almond Oil Purity Test

Details :-

  • Name : Almond Oil
  • Seeds : Sweet Almond seeds
  • Density : 0.91 g/mL
  • Shelf Life : 4-6 Months from the date of manufacturing
  • Storage : Store in refrigerator below 15°C
  • Smoke Point : 216°C
  • Colour : Yellow
  • Aroma : Mild Sweet
  • Nutrients : Polyunsaturated & Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, Protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Phytosterols
  • Keywords : Badam Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Almond Oil for Skin, Almond Oil for Hair, Almond oil for baby massage, best baby massage oil
  • Please Note – As this is unfiltered wholesome oil in the purest form, sediments and residues of the seeds might accumulate at the bottom of the bottle. That is perfectly fine for consumption and it does not affect the oil quality.


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21 reviews for Wooden Cold Pressed Almond oil

  1. Pratik

    *** Great Quality ***
    I would recommend this oil to buy from this vendor. It’s very healthy and organic in nature. it really helped me improve my skin & re-growth my hair.
    Quality is definitely worth it against the price.
    I will surely try other products as well.
    Keep it going ‘Kachi-Ghaani’ team.

    • Ankit

      Thank you for your review Pratik. Much appreciated!

  2. Ishita

    After trying many almond oils I found this brand. This almond oil is gentle and very nice. Important thing is this is food grade and my daughter takes it with milk regularly. Thanks!

    • Ankit

      Thank you for the review.

  3. lucymishi

    Oils are very nice. Loved it. Packaging needs to be improved. Almond oil was leaked from bottle while using it.
    I would like to try Mustard oil also.

    • Ankit

      Thank you for the feedback. We are continuously working to provide you best packaging of our products. We promise you will have much improved packaging next time.

  4. Shreyash Limbhetwala

    Excellent quality

    • Ankit

      Thank you for the feedback.

  5. Meenakshi Sudhakar

    Best almond oil I have ever used. using it since last 15 days and observed good results. Great assistance provided by Ankit. Thanks

  6. Aarti

    I am so happy with the quality of this almond oil. I bought almond and walnut oil from kachi ghani and found it just too good. Keep it up. Thanks.

  7. Saloni

    I am regular user of kachi ghani almond oil and their quality is always the same. Observed clear difference between this almond oil and other almond oils available in market. Must try once.

  8. Satish

    Excellent quality products with on time delivery. Kachi ghani is the right place if you are looking for assured pure oils

  9. Sneha

    Previously I was using patanjali almond oil and then I tried kachi ghani almond oil. I was able to find actual difference between both the oils and found this almond oil much much better. Now I am regular user of kachi ghani’s almond oil and many other oils. Thanks for providing natural oils.

  10. Shrija

    Thank you for doing quick delivery. Quality of almond oil is just great. 5 out 5

  11. RJ Agro

    Super fast delivery with good quality badam oil

  12. Meghna

    Just too good organic almond oil. Long term customer of kachi ghani and service is always great.

  13. Nirja

    Bough this almond oil along with their walnut oil and flaxseed oil to mix it with other two and using it more than a month now. My hair fall reduced drastically and hair quality improved so much. Thanks for such a great products.

  14. Vishakha

    I ordered this brand’s almond oil first time and quality is just perfect. Also very good packaging of glass bottle. Only issue I faced was delay in delivery. Rest all good.

  15. Reeti

    I am very much happy with this almond oil. I feel quality is awesome compared to other almond oils out there. Good service by kachi ghani. Thank you so much!

  16. Reshma

    Too good

  17. Pooja

    Best thing about this brand’s oil is that I always get fresh oil from them. So I am very much happy with quality and service. Thanks.

  18. Dhara

    Using this as hair oil cum massage oil for my little daughter and results are excellent. Great product!

  19. Suchitra

    Used this almond to prepare hair oil and getting very much satisfying results.

  20. Sneha

    It’s so pure. I love it .I love its density..the smell is divine. You feel like eating it lol if you love almonds .
    I have never come across such pure almond oil.
    Good reliable and helpful service too.
    Packaging was wonderful. No leakage! Timely delivery and quick responses on whatsap .

    Thank you !
    Love it ????????

    • Kachi Ghani

      We are delighted to know that you liked our products and service. With Love – Team KachiGhaani.com

  21. Nirmal

    Pure and organic almond oil from this manufacturer. Happy with the product.

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