Kachi Ghani Safflower Oil
Kachi Ghani Safflower Oil
Cold Pressed Safflower Oil
Kachi Ghani Oils balances 3 doshas
Kachi Ghani
advantages of wooden press oil

Wooden Cold Pressed Safflower Oil

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Benefits of Kachi Ghani Safflower Oil

Improves Blood Sugar Levels

Cures Heart Diseases

Rejuvenates Hair and Skin

Boosts Immune System

Fights Inflammation

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Cold Pressed Safflower Oil (kardai oil) is a popular cooking oil that comes from the seeds of the safflower plant. The Safflower plant (Carthamus tinctorius) has its own bright yellow and orange flowers. Pure safflower oil is made from the seeds of this plant. Ayurveda suggests safflower oil as medication for heart disease. Also many researches today shows that it has heart health benefits. In addition, safflower seeds oil takes special place in cooking as it’s suitable for frying purpose as it has high smoking point and neutral flavor.

Research shows that taking safflower oil as a dietary supplement or substituting it for other oils in the diet helps lower total and low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol). Safflower oil also strengthens the immune system of the body.

In conclusion, all these benefits are only present in cold pressed natural safflower oil only and not in refined safflower oils! So switch to Kachi Ghani Cold Pressed Safflower Oil today.

Details :-

  • Name : Safflower Oil / Kardai Oil
  • Seeds : Safflower Seeds
  • Density : 0.93 g/mL
  • Shelf Life : 4-6 Months from the date of manufacturing
  • Storage : Store in dark and cool place (Refrigerate to preserve freshness)
  • Smoke Point : 232°C
  • Colour : Yellow
  • Aroma : Neutral Smell
  • Nutrients : Polyunsaturated & Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, Protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Phytosterols
  • Keywords : kardai oil, organic safflower oil, pure safflower oil, kusum oil

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9 reviews for Wooden Cold Pressed Safflower Oil

  1. Tasneem

    Since very very long time I was looking for pure safflower oil and my search ended with kachi ghani. Ordered it twice now and it’s just great. Delivery to mumbai is fast.

  2. Prajakta

    Very nice oil

  3. Hima

    Used this oil first time liked it much. Best substitute of groundnut oil.

  4. Rekha

    Excellent oil for cooking and deep frying. As it’s neutral oil it can be used in almost all the dishes. Never got this quality in any other brands safflower oil.

  5. Shreyash

    Bit expensive for daily use however great oil for heart. As taste and smell is neutral, it’s perfect for cooking.

  6. Kumar

    Outstanding safflower oil with super service. Very much happy with your service. I would like to be lifelong customer.

  7. Sachin

    We have tried many other safflower oils but quality of this safflower oil is completely different. No doubt price is at higher side. But worth the price. Thanks!

  8. Sharanu

    We have been using kachi ghani’s safflower oil since more than a year now and I must say we never faced any quality issues. Every time the quality of oil is as expected. It’s value for the money. Thank you.

  9. Abhay

    Too good quality and service. Thanks

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