Wooden Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

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Qualities of Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

Helps to Boost Appetite

Promotes Heart Health

Treats Cracked Heels

Relieves Stiffness in Muscles

Stimulates Hair Growth

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Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil (sarso oil) is extracted from mustard seeds (black, brown and white), and is reddish brown or amber in colour. It has been commonly used in North and East India since ancient times, and comes with a bevy of health benefits.

Mustard seeds flowers

In Eastern and North Eastern India, it is hard to imagine life without a bottle of Sarson Oil at home. It has miraculous properties, and hence it  treats cold, boosts immunity, encourages hair growth, provides nourishment to skin (especially in baby massages with mustard oil during winters and made to sunbathe for a dose of Vitamin D and also to strengthen the bones), oral health, so on and so forth.

Secondly and most importantly, Ayurveda highly recommends Kachi Ghani Oil as it is full of monounsaturated fatty acids. Our body needs oil in the ratio of 3:1 – three parts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and one part of saturated fatty acids. Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) come under polyunsaturated. In addition, Cold Pressed Mustard Oil is full of MUFA which is very essential for our health. It’s good for the heart, lightens skin, helps in hair growth, prevents premature graying of hair, etc

Kachi Ghani has brought you pure, fresh and healthy Mustard Oil.


Purity Certificate of Kachi Ghani’s Mustard Oil –Mustard Oil Purity Test

Details :-

  • Name : Mustard Oil / Sarso Tel
  • Seeds : Mustard seeds
  • Density : 0.90 g/mL
  • Shelf Life : 4-6 Months from the date of manufacturing
  • Storage : Store in dark and cool place (Refrigerate to preserve freshness)
  • Smoke Point : 250°C
  • Colour : Reddish Brown or Amber
  • Aroma : Strong Pungent
  • Nutrients : Polyunsaturated & Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E
  • Keywords : Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, Mustard Oil for Hair, Mustard Oil Buy Online, Sarson Oil, Sarson ka Tel
  • Please Note – As this is unfiltered wholesome oil in the purest form, sediments and residues of the seeds might accumulate at the bottom of the bottle. That is perfectly fine for consumption and it does not affect the oil quality.

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12 reviews for Wooden Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

  1. Dolly Patel

    Wow….excellent product. Oil tastes like pure and just great. Satisfied with the order. Thank you

    • Ankit

      Thank you for your valuable feedback!

  2. Deepali

    Authentic smell of Mustard Oil. They delivered the order next day itself. Very happy with the service and quality of oil.

    • Ankit

      Thank you for your review.

  3. Abhimanyu Singh

    I’ve recently ordered mustard oil and ground nut oil and I must say the oils are good you can just smell and you will feel the difference.

    Once you hear the ground nut oil, one can smell raw fragrance of peanut.

    Great going. Keep up the good work and quality.

    • Ankit

      We are glad to know that you like our products

  4. Runalisa Sinha

    it seems and natural and taste is just perfect.

  5. Ritesh

    Very nice kachi ghani mustard oil. Quick delivery. Happy with service.

  6. Sana

    Best quality kachi ghani mustard with on time delivery. Happy with service!

  7. Jyoti

    After a lot of research, I chose kachi ghani’s mustard oil and I must say I am happy with it. Regularly using it in cooking and frying and never got any issues with quality. We get same quality every time.

  8. Vishakha

    Oil quality is quite good. Faced delay in delivery in Kolkata.

  9. Annapurna C

    I’m writing this review, quite a long time after the purchase of the product. The consistency, color, fragrance, flavor of the oil is super good. But I do have a doubt. Do the original mustard oils, have a pungent smell on cooking?

    • Kachi Ghani

      Hello Annapurna!We are happy to know that you liked Kachi Ghani’s mustard oil. Regarding pungent smell, it depends on the extraction method as well as quality of seeds. Most cold pressed oils has mild to medium smell of the seeds.

  10. Bajarang Singh

    I ordered mustard oil and it was very good. I am.ordering once again and regularising it for mu monthly consumption.

  11. Aditya

    mustard oil lacks the pungent smell all other brands in market have .

    • Kachi Ghani

      Hello Aditya! we are sorry to know that you did not have a pleasing experience with our Mustard oil. As per your concern, we would like to brief you about the extraction process. As our oils are extracted using particular method which is suggested in Ayurveda, the oil’s smell and taste may differ from the other oils available in the market. This difference in taste and smell does not affect the quality of oil in any ways. We are at KachiGhaani.com promise you the best quality pure cold pressed oils 🙂

      Team KachiGhaani.com

  12. Reena gautam

    I am regular customer buying mustard oil.i was suffering heart burn issue last two year due to mixing somerhing in outside mustard oil last few year using dabur ,fortube,engine all brand was fail same problem going on heart burn.

    But after using kachi ghani mustard oil this site.fjnally i resolved my geart burn issue and i thankful or bless thus kachi ghani .reasonable price and best oil …plz always maintain..
    Kunki adulteration of oil i was facing heart burn issue last few years…

    • Kachi Ghani

      Dear Reena,

      Thank you for your valuable review. We assure you that you will always get 100% pure natural cold pressed oils from KachiGhaani.com. This is a promise 🙂

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