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Why Kachi Ghani Oils

Why Kachi Ghani Oils

In today’s life it has become necessary that we be aware and alert of what we eat in our food. Considering today’s health issues, we went to find the root cause of it. To understand the health issues, we will have to understand the human body structure and it’s basic 5 elements.

Human body consists of below 5 elements.

  1. Earth
  2. Fire
  3. Air
  4. Water
  5. Space

Whatever we are and whatever we eat is compounds of the above five elements in more or less proportion. These 5 elements makes 3 “dosha” of human body which are as follows.

  1. Vata (Air + Space)
  2. Pitta (Water + Fire)
  3. Kaph (Water + Earth)

For the smooth functioning of human body, these 3 dosha have to be in particular ratio. If there is even slight imbalance in these 3 dosha, it will lead to the diseases in our body.

Reality of Refined Oils

Now let’s see which dosha causes which diseases.

Ayurveda outlines 80 diseases caused by the imbalance of ‘Vata’

1. Splitting of nails
2. Cracking feet
3. Pain in the feet
4. Foot drop, collapsed instep
5. Numbness in the feet
6. Club foot
7. Stiff ankles
8. Cramps in the calf muscles
9. Sciatica
10. Bow leddedness, janu varum,
11. Knock knees, janu valgum
12. Stiffness and fullness in the thighs
13. Pain and weakness in the thighs
14. Paraplegia
15. Rectal prolapse
16. Tenesmus (gudarti)
17. Scrotal pain
18. Stiffness in the penis
19. Fullness in the groin
20. Pelvic pain
21. Hard stools
22. Abdominal distension with constipation
23. Lameness, kyphosis
24. Dwarfism, Gigantism
25. Pain and stiffness in the sacroiliac joint
26. Stiffness in the back
27. Chest pain
28. Spasmodic abdominal pain
29. Bradycardia
30. Heart attack / Tachycardia
31. A rubbing chest pain
32. Impairment of thoracic movement
33. Pricking chest pain
34. Atrophy of the arms
35. Stiffness in the neck
36. Torticollis
37. Hoarseness of voice
28. Jaw pain
39. Lip pain
40. Eye pain
41. Toothache
42. Loose teeth
43. Dampness
44. Lalling
45. An astringent taste in the mouth
46. Dryness in the mouth
47. Ageusia
48. Anosmia
49. Earache
50. Tinnitus
51. Hard of hearing, hearing loss, hearing impairment
52. Deafness
53. Ptosis of the eyelids
54. Entropion
55. Amaurosis
56 Pain in the eyes
57. Ptosis of the eyeballs
58. Ptosis of the eyebrows
59. Pain in the temporal region
60. Pain in the frontal region of the head
61. Headaches
62. Dandruff
63. Facial paralysis
64. Monoplegia
65. Polyplegia
66. Hemiplegia
67. Clonic seizures
68. Tonic seizures
69. Fainting, giddiness
71. Tremours
72. Yawning
73. Hiccups
74. Asthenia
75. Delirium, excessive talking
76. Dryness, Hardness
78. Dusky dark appearance
79. Insomnia
80. An unstable mind

Ayurveda outlines 40 diseases caused by the imbalance of ‘Pitta’

1. Burning sensation
2. Scorching
3. Burning
4. Boiling
5. Fuming
6. Acid regurgitation (gastroesophageal reflux)
7. Pyrosis (heartburn)
8. Internal burning sensation
9. Burning sensation in the shoulder
10. Excessive temperature
11. Profuse sweating
12. Foetid body smell, unpleasant body odour
13. Cracking body ache
14. Sloughing of blood
15. Sloughing of muscles
16. Burning sensation in the skin
17. Cracking of the skin
18. Itching of the skin
19. Urticaria
20. Red vesicle formation
21. Bleeding disorders
22. Red round patches
23. Greenish discoloration
24. Yellowish discoloration
25. Blue spot
26. Herpes
27. Jaundice
28. Bitter taste in the mouth
29. Metallic odour from the mouth
30. Bad odour from the mouth
31. Excessive thirst
32. Dissatisfaction
33. Stomatitis
34. Pharyngitis
35. Conjunctivitis
36. Proctitis
37. Inflammations
38. Hemorrhage
39. Fainting
40. Greenish or yellowish discoloration of the eyes, urine or stools.

Now that you have seen the list of various diseases caused by the imbalances of 3 dosha, you must have observed that maximum diseases are caused by the imbalance of ‘Vata’

Here we would like to bring you in your notice that most dangerous thing in our daily food which imbalances ‘Vata’ in your body is refined and double filtered cooking oils. Refined oil is major factor in making us very much ill and full of diseases.

Ayurveda clearly mentions that, to keep your ‘Vata’ balanced, you will have to use pure and unfiltered cooking oils! There are very few ingredients available which are capabale of maintaining the balance of 3 dosha in our body. One of them is Pure cooking oils! Pure and natural oils are capabale of even getting the distorted dosha back in balance.

Considering this fact, Kachi Ghani has brought you 100% pure, natural and clod pressed oils to help you stay healthy and diseases free. So replace your refined and filtered oils with Kachi Ghani pure cooking oils. Explore and order it now!

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