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Reality of Refined Oils!

Updated: 03 Dec, 2020 Health TipsNews
Reality of Refined Oils!

Watch this short explanatory video to know the reality of dangerous refined oils and switch to cold pressed oils to save your precious health. Be Aware and Switch to Kachi Ghani’s Cold Pressed Organic Oils. #KachiGhani #ColdPressedOils

Kachi Ghani Oil Balances ‘Vat’ ‘Pitta’ ‘Kaph’

Updated: 15 Dec, 2019 Health Tips

Here we would like to bring you in your notice that most dangerous thing in our daily food which imbalances ‘Vata’ in your body is refined and double filtered cooking oils. Refined oil is major factor in making us very much ill and full of diseases.

Ayurveda clearly mentions that, to keep your ‘Vata’ balanced, you will have to use pure and unfiltered cooking oils! There are very few ingredients available which are capable of maintaining the balance of 3 dosha in our body. One of them is Pure cooking oils! Pure and natural oils are capable of even getting the distorted dosha back in balance.

Considering this fact, Kachi Ghani has brought you 100% pure, natural and clod pressed cooking oils to help you stay healthy and diseases free. So replace your refined and filtered oils with Kachi Ghani pure cooking oils. Explore and order it now!

Refining Process – Health Destructive Process!

Updated: 15 Dec, 2019 Health Tips

All the renowned cooking oil manufacturing companies claim that their oils are refined and filtered using latest and ultra modern machines and technology.

All these processing are destructive of good and useful nutrients of oils. Additionally harmful chemicals are added in refined oils.

Since thousands of years in INDIA, we used to extract the oils from seeds using cold press method only and no other complex methods.

Kachi Ghani is trying to bring back our traditional things to our life so that you easily get good health.

Dispose Fried Oils

Updated: 15 Dec, 2019 Health Tips

Heating the cooking oils again and again for frying purpose makes it poison. Do not use the same oil again which was used to fry the food.

Reason : Hitting the oils on high temperature creates the free radicals in them and these types of oils works as cancer causing factor in our body. There are also other potential harms of these types of oils like increasing LDL.

Always try to dispose fried oils for better health.